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Welcome to PrinTOG, the one and only best site for your personalisation needs. Here on this page we have given every big brand. Just select your desired one and then your device. What’s next? the best in class customizer, yup! you can customize mobile case easily with our highly developed customizer. Ease of access is our mantra. You can Customise Photo Cover directly on the product page + you can add images, texts with multiple fonts and a whole lot more. Don’t wait…. go customize now!

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Customized Mobile Back Case / Cover Online

Customize Mobile Case | Personalize Mobile Cover Printing Online | How To Print Mobile Case At Home? | Custom Mobile Covers India – Are you searching on google related to these keywords? Well, it’s your good day because you’ve landed on a correct page where we “” has given the best-in-class customizer that you can use in order to customize your Mobile Cover With Own Photo.

It doesn’t matter which phone model and brand you have, PrinTOG has almost every small and big brand listed on this website. Your “flip cover with my photo” OR “custom phone case” is just a few clicks away. Our customizer is specially designed for simplicity and user experience. You can clearly see the difference in our customizer and others, Once you use our Mobile Cover Customizer Online.

Best Website To Buy Personalize Mobile Back Cover

Customization was not possible a few years ago, everyone was just searching for the queries like – “My Photo Back Cover” OR “Mobile Cover With my Photo“. But now tech era has grown so fast and now you can Personalize your Mobile Back Cover easily at PrinTOG. We have almost every big brand

like – Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, Xiaomi, Motorola, Realme, OPPO, Vivo & more…

You can now Personalize your back cover with your own photo i.e. selfies and other portraits to make your device more funky and truly yours. Confused about the designs? Well, we have 100’s of pre-designed personalised back case templates from which you can choose from, For every model.

PrinTOG is the best and most developed online printing store where you can easily Customize Phone Case and book Online In India. There is no limit, you can choose your own picture, you can download the picture from google and then upload it to your Customize Mobile Case. The possibility is endless.

Wondering? is your phone model is on the list? Well, let us tell you that here on PrinTOG, we have over 500+ models and if still, your case isn’t in the list you can inform us and our team will upload it to our list in no time. We have a wide range of phone covers – Hard Plastic, Soft Silicone, Flip Cover and more.

Our customizer for Custom Phone Cases is highly developed for you. You can do anything with PrinTOG’s Customizer. i.e.


Personalize Case can be easily designed Online, Just follow these simple steps. Frist, you have to select your model’s Brand. (All brands are listed on this page. Just scroll up and select one) After that, Select your Phone Model. Now once you select your phone model, You will see multiple options whether you want complete access to the plain white back case OR you want to choose from our pre-designed cases. Choose as per your need and that’s it! Play with your case and when you’re done with your Customize Mobile Case, just order it directly from buy now button, and we’ll deliever it to your doorstep.

PrinTOG Mobile Back Case Specifications

Millions Of Colors To Choose From
High-Quality Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate
Dustless & Permanent Matte Printing
Printing & Access to All Buttons & Ports
Perfect Finish & Fitting
Complete Hardness From All Sides


Personalized Mobile Covers From PrinTOG | Millions of colors to choose from

Millions Of Colors To Choose From – You’ve heard it right. We have given the users complete access to our palette of 16 million colors. Yes, 16 Million! It doesn’t matter which is your favorite color, You can open your imagination and choose the color as per you like. To select your favorite color, Just click on the module in the customizer and down below you’ll see a “Color Select Button” click on it and choose your color.

High-Quality Bayer Makrolon Polycarbonate – @PrinTOG, we do not use the cases which are made up of cheap plastic which smells bad and not durable enough to protect your mobile phone either. We only believe in delivering the good quality Customized Mobile Case to you. Because companies can grow, but if the customers are not happy with there product, It doesn’t matter where the company is. It’ll be going to fall down. So, Your happiness is our happiness. You can close your eyes and trust PrinTOG in the product quality.

Personalized Mobile Covers From PrinTOG | Dustless-Matte-Printing

Dustless & Permanent Matte Printing – Once you design your Customize Mobile Case, It is our duty to make a durable product and we glad to tell you that the Printing technology we use is the best in class technology. Because the image OR design that you upload will be permanently embedded onto the mobile back cover. Means, In case your case gets dirty, You can wash it off with the soapy water and then clean it with a soft cloth. That’s It! You can now use your case as you use it before. The Other great quality is the Matte Printing which gives your Custom Mobile Back Case a unique and rich appeal when you hold it in your hand. | Printing on all sides

Printing & Access to All Buttons & Ports – If you go offline stores to get your Personalize Mobile Case, Mostly what you’ll get is the back side printing. Which, unfortunately, don’t look soo cool. But here on PrinTOG, we cover the 100% surface with edge to edge printing. Means? you will get your back case @ your doorstep with all sides printed and precious cutouts which gives you complete access to your device’s standard buttons/ports. | Perfect finish and fitting

Perfect Finish & Fitting – Printing quality and durability is garbage if that case that you order is loose and not fits your device completely. To ensure this, @PrinTOG, our quality inspection team always check that the case is cut out from mold accurately so you will get a snugly fit and the case meets your expectations.

Custom Mobile case by | Durable and complete hardness

Complete Hardness From All Sides – No one wants that their device falls down to the ground. But sometimes it happens and that’s where our case comes in. We already mentioned that our Custom Mobile Case are not made with the cheap plastic, You will get a strong hard shell case that is hard enough to handle all the shocks and drops that happens in the day to day lifestyle. It also has that raised lip feature which allows your device to stay up from the ground 4-5 mm from the display side when you place your device upside down. This feature does not allow the display to touch the ground. Means, your display can not kiss the ground.

We Have A Wide Range Of Custom Mobile Cases | Almost 500+ Models

@ PrinTOG

we do not only provide the quality but affordable prices as well, Every other week, we launch new offers and prizes. So that everyone who visits our Online Printing Store can be happy and fully satisfied while purchasing.

We already have a huge audience and because of this, we glad to tell you that we’ve increased our mobile category and now, we have almost 999+ phone models back cases waiting to be customized. Right now, we have all big and small brand like – Apple | OPPO | Vivo | OnePlus | Xiaomi | Motorola | Google | Samsung | Nokia | Lenovo | LG | Asus | Sony | HTC | Huawei | Micromax | LYF | Realme.

You will get the best in class print Quality on your custom back cases. Designing your case will hardly take 2 to 3 minutes depending upon your creativity. If what you want is just a picture to be placed on your back cover. It will hardly take 10 to 15 seconds to be complete. Yes! our product customizer is that much quicker. You can be your own Picasso on PrinTOG.

How To Print Photo On Mobile Cover At Home?

Android Mobile Cover Printing | IOS Mobile Cover Printing | Mobile Case Printing at Home DIY – These are some of the main queries when it comes to the Mobile Cover Printing. Some people say do it yourself by using an iron at Home. But, do you think it will last for even a month?

Let us tell you that we tried those procedures and the printing quality was poor and don’t last for a week. Result? waste of money!

Mobile Cover Printing – The Real Method?

The real and the clever method is that you just open our store design your case as per your like, No limits to choose the color combinations, No limits in customization. You can do whatever you want with your case and the rest will be handled by us. From Cover Mounding to Production to Printing. We will handle all and you will get your Customized Mobile Case @ your doorstep.


How To Print Photo on Mobile Cover / Case Using Our Tool?

  1. Go to
  2. Now on the menu section, click Customize Mobile Case
  3. Select your Brand and then Model
  4. Now Customize your case by uploading your image or choose from our cliparts.
  5. Click Buy Now and that’s it!
  6. Your case will now deliever to your doorstep.

Search From 100’s of Custom Mobile Covers, Cases and Accessories

Smartphones is now our closest buddy and there are no limits, we can do anything on our device. But, believe it or not, it affects our regular life. We all are busy using our smartphones when we can do something else which is more productive and practical.

But, here’s another thing. We can not survive in this world without a mobile phone. That’s a fact!

Mobile phones are not peace of rock! though it can easily break out if you don’t handle it with care and that is where the Custom Mobile Covers comes in. it is good to have a mobile case for your device but it is much and much better when your own device has a case which is specially made for you and no one else, Becuase you design your case with your hands. Yup! That is really Cool…

You can go and buy from the stores but there, you will have to buy the product and designs that they have not what you want. But with Customize Mobile Case, There are no walls in between. You can design your Mobile Case Online and you will get your masterpiece in 3-4 business days.

Popular Personalized Custom Mobile Covers on PrinTOG

Apple – iPhone 6 – 6siPhone 7 PlusiPhone 8iPhone X

Oppo – Oppo F9Oppo R17 ProOppo R11 PlusOppo A57Oppo F1s

XiaoMi – Redmi Note 6 ProRedmi Note 4Mi A1,  Mi Mix 2

Motorola – Moto G6Moto G4Moto G7Moto G5s

Samsung – Galaxy S9 plus, Galaxy J7, A50, A9 (2018)

( Pre-Designed ) Customize Mobile Case Online In India

In case you are confused that where should I put my design, where should I place the colors which font should I use…

Breath…!!! we have another good news for you. There are 100’s of Pre-Designed Custom Mobile Covers templates that you can choose from. Our designers do make sure that the design looks more real than fake. In case you’re wondering, Yes, you can even customize the pre-designed templates and make your own Personalized Designer Mobile Phone Cover.

If you want to choose from the ready-made Mobile Covers & Cases, You can choose from…

PrinTOG OFFICIAL STORE (Our Official Store Is Under Construction Right Now.. It Will Available Soon)

where our designers have already designed 100’s of covers for you. You just have to select and buy and it will be delivered to your address. Customization is pretty cool but if you want the best in class designed printing cases online. Then you can have a look @ our store and we assure you, You will not gonna regret your decision.

You can also buy PrinTOG Designer Cases Directly from  –

Just CLICK HERE & you will re-direct to our products that Amazon lists on their site.

Best Site for Customized Mobile Cover Printing in India

The Personalized back case/cover printing online in India is on hype right now, and everyone wants to have a mobile case which suits their personality. Some make their Personalised Case with Own Image, where on the other hand, some people are customizing their case with their own thoughts. Some people place the quotes instead of their own picture and some are customising mobile cover with s0me funny dialogs.

Ever wonder how they did that and from where they get that case? There are whole lot websites where you can choose your mobile case but there are 2-3 websites where you can truly customise your case, and one of them is

So, if you’re searching for the best website where you can Personalize your own Custom mobile case with own photo or text or any clipart and option to choose your favorite color mobile case from over 16 million colors. Then no doubt PrinTOG is the best platform and online printing store where you can just relax and customize your case easily in few clicks.

No, we are not saying this because this is our platform. You’re a free bird. You can go and check out other platforms as well and then select the best. You can go and look for the…

  • User Interface.
  • Customizer is Easy to Use or Not?
  • Customizing Mobile Case on Smartphone is Possible?
  • Options To Choose From.
  • Designed OR Pre-Designed Cases.

– What you’ll gonna find is that PrinTOG is the best in class.

Buy Personalized Mobile Covers Online India at Low Prices + Best Tool To Customize

@PrinTOG customizing case is just a matter of few clicks and you’re done! But, if you think that this can cause you way more money then offline stores. Then let us tell you, Our Customize Mobile Case is specially made for your happiness and true happiness is LESS PRICE 😛   |   Our Custom Mobile Cases & Covers are not expensive and you can get your own personalized case @ your home on just 249/-

Yes! its cheap isn’t it? But don’t think if we’re giving it in such a low price (where some other companies are charging way more then this around 500-700 rupees) we are giving you a bad quality product.

You will receive the best of the best case possible for your mobile. Specially made for you by us and designed by you

Design Your Customized Mobile Cover Printing Online @

Custom Mobile Back Cover Printing In India has grown so fast that now it has become a trend. Personalised Mobile Case looks more trendy and style from some other cheap rubber cases nowadays and your Customize Mobile Case With Own Photo is something that looks best from the rest.

Right now, we have more than 500+ Models to choose from. Yes! more than 500… such as,

and the list goes on and on… The Mobile back case printing with own photo is best done at PrinTOG. Because 90% of our customers are happy with their purchase from our store.

Design Mobile Back Case With Own Photo

PrinTOG has already gained such an audience who truly loved their services and product + quality. Giving your mobile phone a new dress ( Customize Mobile Case ) is the best thing that you can do for your device and yourself. But How? It’s not just the looks but the practicality. PrinTOG Personalized Mobile Cases are developed to give your smartphone, durability. From manufacturing to printing to raised lip design. PrinTOG cases are highly tested and made with love. Cases here are not just trendy but pocket-friendly as well.

So, in order to create your own mobile case, all you have to do is just [ visit – ] and open the doors of your imagination. Once you get your own Photo customized case for your mobile, No one can deny the fact that it looks more stunning than the regular cases available on the offline stores. So, it’s time to make it count. Go customize your phone case now…


Printed & Manufactured By PrinTOG

Designed By You


Follow our social media profiles to stay updated with some good stuff that we upload regularly. Not only designs but QUOTES, MOTIVATIONAL THOUGHTS, MEMES & yes some new designs…

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We Deliever Your Masterpiece Across India

PrinTOG has a wide range of mobile accessories across India, For every brand and every model. As well as, We accept these payment methods – Credit/ Debit Card, Net Banking, Cash On Delivery OR Pay On Delivery, and PayTm.

With a wide range of varieties comes with a big responsibility. Which is, Delivery. It doesn’t matter where you live. PrinTOG delivers across India. Some of the major cities & states, where we deliver, are –

Laxmi Nagar, Roorkee, Salem, Shimla, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Madurai, Dehradun, Durg, Gandhinagar, Goa, Greater Noida, Coimbatore, Aurangabad, Kollam, Faridabad, Kannur,

Chandigarh, Vijayawada, Cuttack, Bikaner, Udaipur, Vadodara, Varanasi, Pondicherry, Rohtak, Sonepat, Trichy, Agra, Noida, Kolhapur, Kota, Navi, Meerut, Mehsana, Ambala, Anand, Bhilai,

Bhilwara, Bhiwadi, Bhopal, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon, Haryana, Pune, Kerala, Thiruvananthapuram, Ghaziabad, Thrissur, Vijayawada, Vizag, Ahmedabad, Guwahati, Gwalior, Ranchi,

Panipat, Patna, Noida Extn., Jodhpur, Kanpur, Karnal, Mussoorie, Nagpur, Jabalpur, Jaipur, Jalandhar, Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, Indore, Nashik, Kozhikode, Rajasthan, Ahmadabad, Gujarat,

Malappuram, Puducherry, Maharashtra, Chennai, Kochi, Mohali, Sas Nagar, Cochin, Kolkata, Surat, Rajkot, Delhi and Raipur

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which material is used for mobile covers/cases?

For the best quality of printing and for high durability of PrinTOG’s custom mobile covers, We use Hard PolyCarbonate Material Covers.

How Can I Grab The Offers From PrinTOG?

Every month, We launch new offers and coupons. To grab them, you can sign up for our newsletter where we update our customers about newly launched products and offers.

What If Print Fades Off?

Well, it’ll never gonna happen because PrinTOG Customized Mobile Cover comes with a lifetime print guarantee. How? because we use best in class printing techniques to print our custom phone cases.

Which kind of printing finish I will get on my customized cover?

For long-lasting printing finish and for a good grip, We make sure to print your piece of art with Matte Finish. This will not only prevent your case from scratches but also gives you a premium feel.

What if my mobile cover gets dirty? Can I wash it with soap or water?

Yes absolutely, You can easily wash your case with soap and water.

Can I use chemicals or scrub the case while washing?

No, we will not recommend this because this can harm your printed case.

What customizations I can do on my custom mobile case?

There are no limits. By using our best in the market customizer, You can easily customize your case with your Picture, Text, Selfies, Stickers, Multiple Images and much much more.

After applying the case, Can I use all the buttons and ports of my device?

Yes, you can access all the ports and buttons with our mobile case on your device.

What type of mobile cover do you print? Is it a 3D customized mobile cover?

Yes, 3D mobile covers is best for printing purposes. So, once you design your case, We’ll deliver your 3D custom Mobile Cases @ your doorstep.

How will I get the best results on my customized case? What are the recommended image size and resolution?

For the best quality, we always recommend our customers to use High-Definition Portrait Images with a minimum resolution of 720 x 1280.

What if there’s any mismatch in preview & received product?

Sometimes there are very few chances that you encounter some small changes in preview & final product. But Why? Because we print every customized product manually for perfection. If there’s a huge difference, you can contact our support team 24 x 7.