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Gift yourself this tiny little thing and you’ll gonna give award to yourself for making such decision of buying a customized popsocket. Believe us, You’ll gonna love it ! @PrinTOG you can easily customise your Pop Holder For Smartphones or Tablets. Just select your desired one from our multiple design templates & start customizing.

Customized Popsocket Grip Holder - Product

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We have many different templates that you can choose from. Don't be shy, take your time to select the one that suits perfectly with your personality.

Custom Popsocket Grip For Smartphone Tab by PrinTOG - Full customizable featured
Custom Popsocket Grip For Smartphone Tab by PrinTOG - Your Name OR Signature Format
Custom Popsocket Grip For Smartphone Tab by PrinTOG - Full space for text or quotes


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Custom Photo PopSocket – A grip, a stand, a wrap and more!

Yes… it’s a multi-purpose tiny little thing that attaches to your smartphone or tab and makes it more easy to use.  Ever wonder why all the kids, girls, boys love to attach the popsocket behind their device, and from where did they get these Popsockets? Well, here you’ll get everything… From pre-designed to peoples all-time favorite, Customized Popsocket

If you love being stylish or if you love being more organized, Believe us, you need a pop socket!

With your beautiful designs on the back of your popsocket, you will get 1000’s of attention from people, And how you can print your unique designs on your pop socket? Well, here comes the

Because people use their smartphone or tabs more than anything else, Everyone will this tiny little thing that adds up so practicality to your device. Your Smartphone will more handy, If you love watching movies, Then it can act as a mobile stand. If you love music but hate to tangle up the handsfree, Then this can help you to wrap around the cable around it so that you don’t worry about losing it or solving it once it transforms to a puzzle inside your pocket.

What is a Customized Popsocket Grip Phone Holder?

Custom Pop Sockets are nothing but a great invention, a custom popsocket is a little disc that sticks to your smartphone or tabs to work as a wall mount, stand or handle.

What’s the best part now, you can now Customize your own pop socket grip at

Where To Buy Pop Sockets?

As we all know customized means something that no one has in this world. But, only you. Because there’s a pinch of your flavor in your custom designing. Customized Pop Grip is the new trend that can never be old. why? because of its practicality.

You can pop it up whenever you need, Use it as a handgrip | a stand & more. You can also fix your device on Wall, bicycle, car’s dashboard & more (with the help of the attachment comes along with it).

Buy Personalized PopSocket Grip Holders Online in India

At PrinTOG customizing your pop socket is so easy that it’s hard to explain. All you have to do is select the Customized Popsocket grip from the given products & templates ready to edit (made by our designers)

Once you’re done with the customization and placed the order, Our printing team will make sure to print your designs on your pop socket with our best in class printing machines & 99.99% as you customized it online.

When your Custom Pop Grip is ready, it will go through quality inspection before shipped to you within a few business days.

This can solve many problems of the day to day life. You can even Customize Your Popsocket @ PrinTOG and gift it to someone and make their life a bit easier than before.

There’s no limit on customization. You can absolutely design anything on your Customized Popsocket. We have multiple presets that you can choose from, In case you are confused, what to design or not.

Custom Photo PopSocket: Phone Holder With Own Pictures

These pop sockets with your own photo or design is the best gift that can be given to the one you love. With its ability to stick with the smartphone back, You can hold your device just by grabbing the pop socket, without any worries like dropping your smartphone. By using either full-color full-surface OR spot color printing, we make sure to print your design @ pop socket as neat and as vibrant as we can.

Customize it & Make Your PopSocket Holder More Funky

By holding your smartphone using this socket + Customized, you’ll gonna stand out from the crowd, and you know it!

No matter where you live, we deliver your Customized Popsocket to all major and small cities of India. like – Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Rajasthan & absolutely anywhere in India. PrinTOG is known for its quality, not quantity. We also make sure that your product is securely packed. So, when you open it you have a smile on your face, not a question mark.

So, what are you waiting for?

Go Customize Your Pop Socket Holder Now…!!!